The story of The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee

Shirley talking to the Roses at Molly Malones

Catriona Young

Louise Thomas & Grace Campbell getting to know each other at Molly Malones

Drinks are on the Roses?

This is more complicated than we thought!

Behind the bar at Molly Malones

On the steps of the General Assembly Library building

On the steps of the General Assembly Library building

With the staff at Molly Malones

Ailbhe Ryan, the staff & the Roses at Molly Malones

Setting up the photo at the GA Library

Louise & escort practise their grand entrance

What are you worried about Grace?

'Must remember: don't trip!'

Judge Trish Collett chatting to Ailbhe & Louise

Siobhan & Jess enjoy a laugh at D4

Judge Baubre, Siobhan & Jess waiting for lunch at D4

Trisha at D4

Catriona enjoying the craic at D4

Trisha & Grace leave D4

Catriona leaves D4

Louise all set to leave D4

Natalie, Jess & Siobhan head out of D4

Natalie didn't take the photos too seriously!

Alana preparing to leave the warmth of D4

At the GA Library

Two of the judges waiting for coffee at Butler's Chocolates

Enjoying a visit to Butler's Chocolates

Siobhan chatting at Butler's Chocolates

Trish Regan saying hello to Trisha & Siobhan

Didn't anyone tell Mark that Bridget wasn't a contestant?

Molly gets to meet the Roses

How did they resist all that chocolate?

Bridget & Molly join the group - briefly!

Siobhan & Ailbhe unravel the mysteries of the piece of art at the Dowse

David had to explain what he wanted from the Roses

Ben Buchanan's 'Forever' provided a vivid background for the Roses

'Are you sure you're serious David?'

Hmmmmm !

Siobhan gets into the swing of things

... and then Trisha and Natalie loosened up

... followed by Jess

... and the rest

... until everyone was trying a 'pose'

This herd of goats attracted attention

Don't touch the exhibits!

Now what will we do?

Seems like everyone's getting in on the act!

Three Irish girls just chatting

Meeting the Mayor and Councillors

The Roses introduced themselves to Councillors at the Mayoral Reception

The Roses at Te Papa

Awesome Roses by the Awesome Forces Gallery at Te Papa

Grace delivering an impromptu talk to the group at Te Papa

Alana gives her contribution to the presentation

Siobhan consults with Louise & Catriona about their presentation

The Rose party at Te Papa

The presentations at Te Papa

Natalie, Trisha & Peter (an escort) give their presentation

Natalie waiting for her turn to present

Peter chips in with his contribution

Louise Thomas

Catriona Young

Siobhan Kelly

Alana Marshall

Jess Segal

Ailbhe Ryan, NZ Rose 2011

Ashley Mackenzie-White

Trisha Mulvey

Alana Marshall

Natalie Sangster

Judge & former New Zealand Rose Baubre Murray

Judge Mark Doyle

Judge Trish Collett

Natalie Sangster

On stage, but only a practise this time

Receiving final instructions at the Rehearsal for the Ball

Concentrating on the message

Siobhan and her dada practise their entrance

Natalie had had enough of cameras!

Alana's winning smile

MC Peter Kelly from Butler's Chocolates gets the Ball underway

Alana Marshall, NZ Rose 2012

Ailbhe Ryan, NZ Rose 2011

Our grateful thanks to our many supporters

... and especially to our principal Sponsor, Shamrock Recruitment

The 2012 National Final was proudly hosted by the Hutt Valley Irish Society