The story of The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee

The Roses waiting to make their entrances

The Roses and their Rosebuds

Judge Jim greeting a guest before the Ball

Charmain greeting guests to the Ball

One supporter came prepared to make his choice known

The escorts are briefed for their role at the Ball

Roses greeting the Rosebuds

Kimberley and Karen get to know their Rosebuds

Anna and Nicole with their Rosebuds

Laura, Lisa and their Rosebuds

Ashley gets to know her Rosebud

Elizabeth and her Rosebud steal a moment

The Roses and Rosebuds in their finery before the Ball

Roses, Rosebuds, and Escorts await their entrance to the Ball

The Roses and Escorts share a moment before the Ball

Nicole and her Rosebud enter the Ball

Lisa and her Rosebud

The Escorts are introduced to the audience

Charmaine Kenny, International Rose of Tralee 2009, ready for dinner

Some of the guests at the Ball

Ashley, Elizabeth, Karen, Anna, Lisa, Nicole, Laura and Kimberley dressed and ready for their 'big night'

Lisa talking to the audience about her time in Tralee

Karen being interviewed by Compere John Prendergast

Nicole being interviewed

Ashley being interviewed

Kimberley had her turn onstage

Ashley and her Rosebud

Nicole and her Rosebud enter the Ball

Jim tells the audience about their difficult choice while Roses await THE announcement

Lisa puts the Winner's Sash on Elizabeth

The NZ Rose with sash and tiara

Coming to terms with being the NZ Rose

Judge Jim congratulates Elizabeth

Elizabeth sara, NZ's Rose of Tralee for 2010